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this year (101) for the Council, is a vibrant and meaningful year, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications Minister Mao the rule.Taiwan RailwayUrged, is officially launched with Taiwan Railway development of new imagery in "New Taiwan Railways First Year". "Quick and Easy - New Taiwan Railways "," Railway Tourism - New Symbol for Itinerant Life - New Option", "The Deep Plowing Railways - New Force" the efforts of the new four spindle direction by "Innovation", "Moved Forward", "Cultural and Creative" and "Lifestyle" sophisticated concept, actively building and improving the software and hardware facilities, and is committed to high-quality public transport system towards customer confidant, in pursuit of a better future of sustainability.

Review the introduction of high-speed rail at 96 year, the Council in response to changes in the market, grasp around the island road network and station location advantages, and actively develop the short-distance transport in the Western Line, strengthen the Eastern Front and across the line of the long-distance transport services, so that the passenger traffic and revenue increase year by year high. This year (101) of operating performance, the average daily passenger number up to 602,000 people, compared to the last year(100) 564,000 people, an increase of 38,000 people (+6.74%); annual passenger revenue of 16.119 billion yuan, this year (101) compared to the last year (100) is 15.577 billion yuan, an increase of 5.42 million (+3.48%), of the operators has shown signs of improvement. The other from 98 to 101 year for annual losses from 11.51 billion yuan to 9.77 billion yuan, which may be attributable to operating loss reduced from 31.25 billion to 17.81 billion yuan, showing the efforts of the Council cut expenditure, see the initial results.

This year (101) the Council will continuously strengthen the promotion of various construction projects to improve the facilities, the engineering covers the metropolitan area rail rapid transit, new to build six distinctive (Green Energy & Multi-functions) stations, upgrade routes and equipment (such as: convert three old bridges along the lines, improve the station platform height, build accessible elevators of 40 stations, improve the toilets and signs at Taipei Main Station, build the third rail between Nankang and Xizhi, make the Hualien Harbor Line electrification and build level crossing remote monitoring system at 217 stations, relocate the Taipei Railway Depot and the newly-built Fu Gang Repair Base and so on); Taiwan RailwayOn the operational side, the introduction of the first new tilting Tze- Chiang Limited Express EMU 2 sets 16 cars (before the Spring Festival at 102 year is expected to put into operation), passenger innovative service (such as: open 24-hours automated booking, promote the full range of electronic multi-cards pass tickets on car-taking service, and expand customized business, QRcode action navigation and walking around service), enhance the quality of service at the stations and cars (such as: strengthen ticketing and car-taking service without obstacles and promote SGS "QUALICERT" International Service certification), control the level crossing accidents, enhance the train punctuality rate, as well as the implementation of risk management to establish the correct safety culture, and so on, are worked hard to build a safe, reliable, stable, efficient and green energy transportation service environment.

Activation and utilization of assets, this year (101) total annual income of 2.169 billion yuan, from a gain of 95 to 101 year, the annual growth rate of 6.5%; in the development and utilization of assets, this year (101), respectively, to complete the signing of Songshan Station, Nangang Station BOT project and Xinzuoying Station ROT project each year will be charged rent and fees of operating rights to increase revenue, the rest, there is a lot for Promotion of Private Participation in the construction of the case, in the case of urban renewal and superficies case; this year ( 101) Taiwan Railway lunch boxes revenue reaches 5.25 billion yuan, the results of a high degree of growth (+35.31%), these are the specific effectiveness of the Hennessy.

Another day on (101) March 12, the first Taiwan Railway International Twinning Program, Council CK124 steam locomotive and the JR Kushiro, Hokkaido, Japan branch office C11 steam locomotive conclude the sister car, except to promote the effectiveness of the Taiwan Railway steam locomotive maintenance period by promoting international railway and cultural exchanges, the development of international tourism railway business, standard the international augmented vision to open up foreign railway sightseeing trip markets through cooperation, and enhance the TRA wild and diverse service, thus enhancing international reputation.

Looking to the future, the Council continues toward the construction of the transport business and associated undertakings, and makes great efforts on both dual-core business. "Safe", "Accurate", "Service" and "Innovation" core value basis, the action to cut expenditure measures, strengthen the Hualien and Taitung transportation in transportation business, promote Western Line like MRT, offer the introduction of sightseeing innovative service, master commuter and in the short-haul market, through building the multi-faceted operational improvement strategies and structural reform measures, and strengthen the base and station service facilities, construct seamless transportation environment, serve to increase revenues in order to grasp the island railway network and location advantages, improve journey times; Also initiate tourism related career polygonal management, expand the TRA lunch boxes market share, make good use of the trademark development railway goods, as well as activation and utilization of assets and development, and actively explore new customers and new business opportunities and diversify development of the itinerant life service business.

"The first year (101) of New Taiwan Railways”, Taiwan Railways develops new milestone year, and has a significant contribution in terms of hardware and software. The future, “the Taiwan Railways Administration’s mid- and long-term plans” and "Taiwan Railways Administration’s solvency plans" successfully promote a better state will gradually show Taiwan Railways "Vista". Finally, the expectations of all TRA’s colleagues uphold continuity following, ever-changing spirit in order to work together to open up new initiatives, and to create a bright future in order to achieve sustainable development, together polish the century "Taiwan Railways" old sign, make it become a "New Taiwan Railways" classic brand.