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iconTRA Awarded with Two Top Win Prizes for Asset Vitalization Accomplishment (2014/10/21) iconTRA Songshan Station and JR Matsuyama Station Celebrate One-year Anniversary for Friendship Establis(2014/10/16) iconCompensation Policy on Delayed Train for Passenger with Prepaid Ticket(2014/10/13) iconTRA Offers Kaohsiung-Kending Coach Ticket Sales Service from September 11(2013/12/16) iconTRA launches Yilan Boxed Meal Special!(2013/12/16) iconPuyuma Express shaped interactive digital signage opening ceremony(2013/11/12) iconPublic visit temporary shutdown of Changhua Roundhouse(2013/12/16) iconEastern Taiwan “Vegetable” Special Boxed Meal Menu Begins!(2013/12/16) iconTaipei Station Indoor Street View Goes Live!(2013/12/16) iconMajor International Marketing Victory: CITYLINK with Matsuyama Station of JR Shikoku Railway(2013/12/16) iconTRA to extend Multi-Card Electronic Ticketing Service from September 30(2013/12/16) iconFresh Troops from TRA: EMU800 Commuter Train(2013/12/16) iconRevival of Tourism Dining Cars on Cruise-Style Trains(2013/12/16) iconTaipei Railway Workshop to end up its century mission(2013/12/16) iconThe Rise of the Green Diamond: Zhubei(2013/12/16) iconMultifaceted Services from TSR Begin!(2013/12/16) iconActivate Qidu Station Living Perimeters Station Front Building begins service April 26(2013/12/16) iconTRA Launches Tourism Cooperation with EER Enoshima Electric Railway(2013/12/16) iconSino-Japanese Railway Bento Exchange: Great News for Consumers! Taipei Railway Restaurant and Kushir(2013/12/16) iconNow and Forever Love Paperweight Arrives!(2013/12/16) iconProducts for New Trains Together(2013/12/16) 
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