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Jiji Line

Ershui, Yuanquan, Zhoushui, Longquan, Jiji, Shuili, Checheng

《Railway Cultural Heritage》

Jiji line is the longest sub railway line in Taiwan, in the beginning this line was used to build for the hydroelectric dam construction, and then become the first tourist railway in Taiwan because of rich tour resources, and also the only one operating railway in Nanto county. The “Cheng” word of Checheng station is the meaning of place in Taiwan language. Formerly the Puli Sugar factory use the trolley to transport sugar to Checheng station from 1916, and then there are many trolley stay before the Checheng station and the station name also comes from this. Jiji Railway museum is originall the warehouse of Taiwan Railway, and was established by promoting Jiji town’s railway cultural tourist resources. The museum was a wooden antique architecture, and the floor was designed to imitate the railway, also exhibiting the railway related cultural relic and 921 earthquake photo and Jiji town model.


Jiji Line has some cuisine that you must not miss, such as hand made tofu pudding for 50 years, grand mother’s stinky tofu for 40years, all lamb dishes and ice candy.


Ride in the Jiji Bikeway, you will pass through Jiji Confucian temple, Mingxin college, Military history park, and Wuchang temple toppled in 921 earthquake still has the appearance after earthquake, and also the brickkiln, and also county road 152 with tall camphor, also know as the green tunnel.