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The Alishan Forest Railway Gar

1、 Chiayi Garage Park
  Chiayi Garage Park was called "Beimen Depot" in the Japanese colonial period. It was the Beimen Locomotive Garage when the flatland section started service in October 1910. The depot opened officially in 1912 after railway expansion. This century-old depot was built for constructing and repairing rolling stock, passenger cars, and goods wagons. Since The Alishan Forest Railway started service, the depot has been the repair base. Although trains in that time were bought from the USA, Beimen Depot had a work force of nearly 200 people with outstanding maintenance, repair, modification, and manufacture capacity. When a part was damaged, they could make a new one. They could even build the external boiler and steam engine. The Alishan cypress compartment was also one of their masterpieces. Many decommissioned trains of the Alishan Forest Railway are still kept in Beimen Depot. On August 23, 1993, a big fire burned the wooden depot and some old trains down. Today, part of the building has been reconstructed and a small number of rare cars are kept in the garage. In December 2006, the Forestry Handicrafts Pavilion was opened, like another wooden station standing by the uphill railway. For the public to visit this highly historic location, it was renamed Chiayi Garage Park in 2005.
2、 Fenqihu Garage
  Fenqihu Garage is the most important rest station and maintenance site in the uphill section of the Alishan Forest Railway. In the past, steam trains, going uphill or downhill, must refill water and coal here. It was also the place where locomotives were changed before going uphill. In normal times, there were trains igniting at Fenqihu Garage for departure. After the garage was withdrawn in 1985, it became the exhibition site of old steam trains. Inside the garage there are photos of the steam locomotives 18 and 29 and steam trains.
3、 Alishan Garage
  Alishan Garage has been the highest train garage in Taiwan ever since the Japanese colonial period. Together with Beimen Depot, Chiayi Garage Park, they were the uphill and downhill maintenance sites of the Alishan Forest Railway.
Historically, Alishan Garage has been relocated three times. At the beginning of railway services, it was a wooden garage built on the left hand side of the former Zhaoping Station toward Yuemian, i.e. what is today's Alishan Guo Hotel. Later on in the 1970s, it was moved to the right hand side for a while. After Alishan Station was relocated to the fourth diverging rail in January 1981, the new Alishan Garage was relocated to the extension section at the end of the fourth diverging rail, i.e. the end of the new Alishan Station. It was then a RC structure for storing trains. Ever since the brand new steel structure was completed in 1997, trains for Chushan depart here at 03:00 every day to start the daily operations of the Alishan Forest Railway.
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