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Bridges and Tunnels


1、 Tunnel Entrance 1
  With a total of 361m long, Tunnel 1 was originally Tunnel 5 in the Japanese colonial period. It was renamed "Tunnel 1" after all other four tunnels before tunnel 5 was demolished. Today, it is the first experience of "darkness" for passengers taking trains to Alishan. Tunnel 1 earns a widespread fame because it is accessible via the industrial road in Kewei, which is more convenient, and the view and sunlight at the tunnel's east entrance are great.
2、 The Longest Tunnel—Tunnel 32
  In October 1910, Kajima Corporation undertook the most difficult section of the Alishan Forest Railway: Fenqihu to Duolin. To penetrate Mt. Dadong at 1,976m in elevation, two extremely long tunnels were built. Tunnel 32 is 770m in total, the longest of the Alishan Forest Railway. After a big right turn, the railway penetrates tunnel 33, 541m in total and the fourth longest, at the foot of Mt. Dadong. As this section took the longest time to complete, the entire project was completed on December 20, 1912 and was vital to the opening of the entire The Alishan Forest Railway.
3、 The Last Tunnel: Tunnel 49 with a U-turn
  Tunnel 49 is the last tunnel on the Alishan Forest Railway. It was tunnel 72 in the Japanese colonial period. As a highly curved and extremely steep tunnel, the tunnel's slope grade is 50‰ and the minimum curve radius is 40m. After the train passes through this tunnel and takes a big turn, it is the end of the Alishan Forest Railway.
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