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Background of assistance in construction
  The Alishan Forest Railway was built in 1912, over a century ago. Following social and economic changes, it has transformed from a log transportation into a tourism transportation. In Taiwan's development history, it is an important historical and cultural asset. About 85km in total, the entire railway incudes the main line and several branch lines. As a mountain railway, bridges, tunnels, small curve radius, and high slope grade are all features of the Alishan Forest Railway. It is the highest narrow-gauged uphill railway in Asia, it has the most complex concentric spiral route in the world, it is the highest railway among island countries, and the 762mm-gauged railway with the highest elevation gain in the world. As it is unique in either Taiwan or the world, there are always reasons to pursue sustainable operations for the railway.

On July 19, 2006, the Forestry Bureau signed contract for the "Private Participation in the Alishan Forest Railway Operation and Alishan Forest Recreational Area Construction and Operation Project" with Hungtu Alishan International Development Co., Ltd. to commission the operation of the Alishan Forest Railway and Alishan Forest Recreational Area to a private enterprise. On June 19, 2008, the Forestry Bureau officially handed over the operations of the Alishan Forest Railway to Hungtu Alishan International Development Co., Ltd. according to the contract. After typhoon Morakot traumatized the Alishan Forest Railway, although both the Forestry Bureau and Hungtu Alishan International Development Co., Ltd. confirmed the typhoon was an act of God, no understanding was reached after negotiation many times. As Hungtu Alishan International Development Co., Ltd. was unable to submit a complete service recovery plan for the railway, which was a breach of the contract, the Forestry Bureau terminated the contract in March 2010 for the biggest interest of the government and society.

Based on the condition of damage of the railway, the Forestry Berean drew up a three-phase restoration and service recovery plan. Phase 1 was to recover the operations of Chushan and Shenmu lines on June 19, 2010, the section between Chiayi and Jhuci on December 19, 2010. Then, phases 2 and 3 of the plan continued until the entire railway was restored and recovered.

With the instruction of the Executive Yuan, Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) provided professional technology, workforce, and consultation for the Forestry Bureau to restore and recover the Alishan Forest Railway. TRA also assisted the Forestry Bureau to form a working team to study the commissioning operation model in the future. After further discussions, both parties agree TRA to assist in operating the railway in May 2013 to ensure this world-class uphill railway can regain its historical glory.