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On-line Ticketing System

On-line Ticketing System for Alishan Forest Railway is Launched

On-line ticketing system for the Alishan Forest Railway is officially opened on January 14, 2016. Passengers can reserve the seats for the main line from Chiayi Station to Fenchihu Station. The website for on-line ticketing system of the Alishan Forest Railway is http://alishan.railway.gov.tw/.

The information about ticket reservation system is detailed as following:
1、 Advanced tickets for reserved seats:
  (1). On-line reservation: Reservation is available 1 to 14 days before departure date. Specifically, passengers can reserve the tickets for every Monday after next Monday on every Monday.

(2). On-line reservation system opens from 6:00am to 24:00pm every day.

(3). Distance: Main line for Alishan Forest Railway (Chiayi Station and Fenchihu Station)

(4). Each passenger is only allowed to reserve 6 tickets at most for every departure date but can reserve 12 tickets for round trips. However, if the passenger separately reserves tickets for departure date and return date, the system will regard this as two orders, so the maximum number of ticket reservation is 6 pieces.

(5).Passengers can pay for the tickets through not only this system but also the electronic ticket vending machines at TRA's every station or particular stations of the Alishan Forest Railway (Chiayi Station, Beimen Station, Fenchihu Station, or Alishan Station). Ticket price is subject to personal identity, such as adults, children, senior, or disabled. Passengers can choose the identity through the system and pay by credit card. 。
2、 Ticket reservation for Cruise Train:
  Regarding the details, please refer to the official Web page of the Alishan Forest Railway. Cruise train tour package is only available on a reservation basis and can only be reserved in advance by phone. No on-site registration is allowed and passengers without tickets cannot board the train.
3、 Payment duration period:
  The payment needs to be made through either website or the electronic ticket vending machines of TRA or Alishan Forest Railway within 2 days since the ticket order.
4、 Place and time for ticket collection:
  (1).Place to pick up or purchase ticket: Passengers holding personal ID and code number can collect tickets through electronic ticket vending machines of TRA station or Alishan Forest Railway. Ticket collection service is not available at convenient stores and post offices.

(2).Time to pick up tickets at ticket office: Please refer to the operation hour for each TRA station. Please note that the operation hour for Alishan Forest Railway stations is from 8:00am to 16:00pm.

(3).On-line payment: Those passengers who have completed the payment are expected to pick up the tickets 30 minutes earlier before the departure.
5、 For more information, please refer to the official Web page of the Alishan Forest Railway or dial 886-5-2229010 or 886-5-2256918 for assistance.