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About TRA
As part of public transport, Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) is committed to providing the public with comprehensive services. Flourishing business areas formed around railway stations in different parts of Taiwan are important locations for people to enjoy leisure or conduct business. The transport dispersion missions during long holidays, where all TRA employees are assiduous to achieve without being sluggish, is our promise for passengers to enjoy a great vacation smoothly by train.
Adhering to the core value emphasizing “safety, punctuality, service, and innovation”, TRA achieved the following in 2016: completion of elevation and operations of five stations in Taichung; completion of renovation and operations of the Badouzi Station and Toucheng Station; continued implementation of the cross-island railway network safety enhancement program; the six-year railway driving safety improvement program; Railway Rapid Transit Systematization in urban areas; and the ticket system integration and reengineering plan, in order to consistently improve the convenience and efficiency of railway transport, connect local living perimeters, relieve urban traffic bottlenecks, and thereby promote balanced regional development and for passengers to enjoy comfortable and convenient public transport.
TRA never stops to advance Taiwan’s railway transport. With “A new engineering method to revolutionize traditional hoisting and installation in steel beam replacement: The case of the Pingxi Line Steel Beam Replacement Project”, we won an award of excellence in the engineering category of the 2016 Innovation Award of the Proposal Innovation Scheme of MOTC and the Eminent Contribution Award for the parking innovation and revitalization of the Banqiao Station. In route maintenance, we independently designed and manufactured the diamond crossing and purchased the CNC gantry machining center. In railway transport, we made continual innovation and keep the roots in Taiwan through technology inheritance to create value for TRA.
With the rise of globalization, connecting with the world, broadening vision, and innovation are keys to maintaining business competitiveness. Since the initiation of international railway exchange, we have made significant progress. In 2016, we signed an agreement of friendly relationship with the Enoshima Electric Railway of Japan, launched painted trains together with Tobu Railway Co., Ltd., and organized the UK-Taiwan Railway Forum to create income from tourism and promote local economic development of both parties through exchange.
It is the 130th anniversary of TRA. Looking to the future, TRA will make continuous efforts to develop its dual-core business featuring the transport business and affiliated business. In the core transport business, we will cultivate new resources and cut budgets, strengthen transport in Hualien and Taitung, capture the commutation and medium-distance and short-distance market, and optimize fundamental station services and facilities in order to build a seamless transport environment. In affiliated businesses, we will emphasize services that satisfy customers, raise the market share of TRA boxed meals, revitalize station asset utilization,and develop railway tourism, in order to create a beautiful life with railway, earn recognition from all citizens, and become a brand-new TRA renowned internationally.
Taiwan Railways Annual Report 2016