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1. Principles for calculating ticket prices:
  1) Adult ticket prices are calculated according to the price rate of the distance to be traveled on that route.
  2) Children's ticket prices are half the amount of adult ticket prices.
  3) Discount tickets cannot be further discounted.
  4) If a discount ticket is not the lowest price , it is still calculated as the lowest discount price.
2. Types of tickets:
  1) One way tickets:
  2) Round trip tickets:
    (1) These are calculated by taking 10 % off the one way ticket price and doubling the amount.
    (2) Effective dates:
      a. Non-Numbered:
        1 For distances within 80 km, the ticket is effective on the day purchased for both ways.
        2 Under 300 km, the effective duration is 1 day; for 300 km to less than 600 km, the effective duration is 2 days; and for over 600 km, the effective duration is 3 days.
        3 The return trip is double the departure trip duration plus one day; however trips within 80km are only valid on the day purchased.
      b. All other numbered trains:
        1 A departure trip is limited to the day purchased and the designated train.
        2 For return trips of tickets without designated seats, a ticket is effective on the day purchased under 80km, and within 15 days for 81km and over; for those with designated seats, tickets are valid for the designated day and train.
  3) Group tickets:
    (1) Ticket price calculation:
      a. Group tickets for all trains (numbered): the amount of a single ticket multiplied by the number of people in the group.
      b. Group tickets for non-numbered trains: for groups of 20 to 49 people, 20% off the single ticket price; for groups of over 50, 35% off the single ticket price.
    (2) Procedures for buying group tickets:
      a. At all stations on all lines.
      b. Passenger Service Counters at the Taiwan Railway Administration (Rm. 3025, 3F, #3, Bei Ping West Road, Taipei), telephone enquires: (02)389-9538 or Railway Operator 381-5226 x25538 (for group tickets of non-express trains only).
      c. Please have available 2 copies of the application form specifying:
        1. the boarding date and train number,
2. the distance ( from what stop to what stop ),
3. the number of people boarding,
4. name of the group and the name of the representative and his/her contact number; if there is a specific date of return, please include it; 10 % of ticket price must be deposited and is non-refundable.
    Note: Rental and use of Lounge Coach
      We have available a coach with a luxurious lounge, which can be used for government agencies, companies. entertaining visitors, group tours, business affairs, family outing, weddings and all types of celebrations.
      1 Price Deduction: according to the distance traveled, the price of 52 Chu Kuang train tickets.(A 20 % discount is effective from 86/03/01, the expiry date will be posted by the train stations.)
      2 The capacity of the Lounge Coach is 30 persons (the number of seats installed ), if the group number exceeds this, additional train tickets must be purchased.
      3 Procedure for rental or use: refer to 2.4.2 above.
  4) Season tickets
    (1) Interchangeable dated tickets: For regular passengers traveling within 150 km, not limited to one train type or number, without passenger names. a. Validity period: within 30 days from the date purchased. b.Price deduction: 15 % off of Fu Hsing train tickets. c. Obtaining tickets: available at all stations, no application form or photos required, names are not recorded.
    (2) Regular date tickets: Regular and express Fu Hsing trains: for regular passengers traveling within or 150km or making making a round trip everyday. a. Validity period: there are two types, one is within 1 month of purchase date and the other is within 3 months of purchase. b. Price calculation: 25% off. c. Obtaining tickets: available at all stations,Application forms must be completed, and one photo submitted to the station near the applicant's residence.
    (3) Student dated tickets for regular, express and Fu Hsing trains: For students above high school, traveling within 50km to and from their schools.
      a. Validity period: there are four types: 1, 2, 3 or 4 months (a term).
      b. Price deduction: 40% off.
      c. Obtaining tickets: available at all stations, to be purchased at the station near the student's school according to notice for buying student dated tickets.
      * Services on the train for those with seats are not available for those using dated tickets.
3. Fees charged for cancellation:
  1) Regular tickets:
    (1) No charge for tickets without designated train numbers.
    (2) No charge for tickets without designated train numbers and seats.
    (3) For tickets with designated train numbers and seats: Adult or Children, $13 for each ticket ($26 for round trip tickets, and for tickets issued during the Spring Festival, 10% of the ticket price, no less than $13.
    (4) Returned tickets must be received by the station before the departure, otherwise the ticket is forfeited.
    (5) If a replacement ticket has been issued for a lost ticket and the lost ticket is then found, $13 is charged for returning the replacement ticket. The replacement price must be certified by the train master and be refunded at the destination station.
  2) Group tickets:
    (1) $7 charge per person for tickets without a designated train number, the tickets must be returned before the train departs, and for tickets of reserved coaches, these must be returned 2 hours before the train departs, otherwise they are forfeited.
  3) Coupon:
    For those without designated seats, NT$31 is charged for each booklet returned, for those with designated seats, $13 is charged for each ticket and not less than $31, return is limited to only unused booklets.
  4) Season tickets:
    $31 for every ticket.
4. Replacement tickets:
  If a passenger immediately requests a ticket upon boarding, he/ she shall pay the regular price for the distance to be traveled. If the passenger only requests a ticket when the ticket check is being made without a clear reason, she/he should pay the regular price for the distance to be traveled and Fined extra 50% of the price for the distance traveled. If it is not clear where the passenger boarded, the calculation shall be made from the initial station or the station of the last ticket check.
5. Air conditioning fees:
  If the air conditioning in a train is not functioning, the passengers upon arrival at the destination, should request a refund of 20% for passengers in trains with malfunctioning air conditioning.
6. Tickets with same numbers:
  If a passenger discovers that, upon boarding another passenger has a ticket with the same seat number, and there are no other seats available, after confirmation from the train master, the passenger should request a 20% refund.