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South Link Line

Fangliao, Jialu, Neishi, Fangshan, Fangye, Guzhuang, Dawu, Longxi, Jinlun, Taimali, Zhiben, Kangle

《Railway Cultural Heritage》

Fangye Semaphore station Fangye Semaphore station is the most important mountain pass of South Link Line, and is one of the popular unexplored station of Taiwan Railway. Neishi Station The architecture style of Neishi station is Chinese palace style, it is very special in early stage which are most of western style.. Dawu Station Standing at the platform of Dawu station you can watch the Taiwan No9 highway and the scenery of Pacific Ocean, the is also the special landscape of South Link Line. Duoliang station (abandon) Duoliang station is the most nearest station to the Pacific Ocean, the blue coast and momentum is the most popular sightseeing view. Taima Station After walk 5 minutes from station you will arrive The Aurora Garden, which thousands of people will welcome the first light of the year. From July to Sep you can also enjoy the daylily is grown everywhere.


Because of its geographic location and climate, Taimali is famous with Daylily and Roselle, and the Dawang Shakya is also very famous.

《Attractions : Hot Spring》

Zhiben hot spring is the best one in East Taiwan, the spring is alkaline carbonated spring with no smell and not color, the temperature is over 100 degree. The normal Zhiben hot spring is outer spring area with many hot spring hotels, available for stay or bathing. But inner spring area is close to Zhiben forest recreation area and it sightseeing is better then outer spring area.