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Pingxi Line

Shandiaoling, Dahua, Shifen, Wanggu, Lingjiao, Pingxi, Jingtong

《Railway Cultural Heritage》

Pingxi Line was made by the Taiyo mining Co., Ltd for transporting the coal, and after government receive the management, the line once was once discarded, and then changed to tourist railway. Every small station on the line has its old style fashion. When you ride in the small train on a rainy day, and open the window with white smoke, you can image the feeling of miner in old days.


Jingtong station has special miner meal, and the braised pork rice and oily bean curd is simple and with old taste. Pingxi’s taro rice balls, chicken rolls and grilled river shrimp is also famous local food.


Pingxi Ruifang Bikeway

This bikeway has steep slope and many curves, some of the road sections only can provide one car, it is recommended that please take train or walk when have trip to here.