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 South Shulin Station Starts Operation on December 23, 2014
 [ Type ] News
 [ Publish Date ] 2016/01/07
 The South Shulin Station, positioned as commuter station, was established between the Shulin station and the Shanjia station. Nearby the station are the industrial district and the Shulin Marshalling Yard. Therefore, it is very convenient for local residents, industry workers, and commuters.

The South Shulin Station is a 3-story building with SRC support. The roof was built in a curve shape, which symbolizes a big tree, and installed with a rain collection system and solar power generation panels. The transparent roof allows sunshine to penetrate into the house. The waiting space on the 3rd floor provides a cozy and relaxing environment. The outlook of the building is decorated with a big tree shape, which is deeply engaged with the local name.

The 1st floor of the station is a commercial area. The ticket office and the entrance and exit are also arranged on the 3rd floor. None-barrier facilities are available within the station.