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 Third Platform of Neili Station is Officially Opened
 [ Type ] News
 [ Publish Date ] 2017/12/18
 In order to increase the quality for the transport service for the Neili Station and ensure passenger’s right of easy access to front and rear stations, the third platform of Neili Station together with the new entrance and exit near the Jhuangjing Road are opened on December 8, 2017. Several facilities, including the gateway with rain shelter, the platform lighting, the broadcasting and monitoring, the train information system, the e-ticketing system, the non-barrier ramp, and the speaker to serve disadvantaged group, are added to make the station more user-friendly and convenient.

The opening of the new entrance and exit of the Neili Station helps the residents living nearby rear station to easily enter the station with e-tickets, increasing the convenience for the public to take the public transportation. In addition, all south-bound trains stop at the third platform, effectively easing the crowd on the second platform during the rush hours.

The Neili Station is ranked as the third-level station with the most number of passengers. The number of passengers entering and exiting the station is around 16,000 people. Therefore, the passengers of the Neili Station always suffer from the crowded platform and confusing passway. This opening signifies the new milestone for the service quality of Neili Station.