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 Floor Reconstruction Project Brings Taipei Station a Glamour Look
 [ Type ] News
 [ Publish Date ] 2017/12/18
 The current Taipei Station started the operation since September 5, 1989 and has become the most important transportation hub for the metropolitan area. In addition, Taipei Station is also identified to be the busiest station around the Taiwan Island. As time goes by, the floor tiles became fragmented and the wall tiles came off. Therefore, TRA initiated Taipei Station Reconstruction Project to improve the floor tiles for the interior and wall tiles for B1.

In order to reduce the effects on the passenger transport and maintain train operation, the reconstruction project can only be implemented and practiced during the night time. The whole project was accomplished in November, 2017 to better improve the condition of bumpy floor and fallen tiles, so that the passengers with luggage can walk more easily and smoothly. Also, those aged walls on B1 made the hallway dark and hidden. Therefore, the enamel plates are applied and installed on the walls in this project, thereby increasing the modernization and brightness. Such improvements give passengers a better passway and space and further increase service quality for Taipei Station.