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 Dounan Cross Station Brings a Safe, Convenient, Reliable and Comfortable Environment for Passengers
 [ Type ] News
 [ Publish Date ] 2017/12/18
 TRA is pleased to announce that the Cross Railway Station Construction Project for the Dounan Station started in December 2017. This project is involved with one 2-story SRC cross station, 4 non-barrier elevators, 6 escalators, 25 parking spaces for cars, 10 parking spaces for scooters, and 16 parking spaces for bikes. These will bring the public a safer, convenient, reliable, and comfortable transport and waiting environment.

In order to raise the convenience and safety for the passengers living along two sides of the Dounan Station to walk across the front and rear stations and deal with the traffic issue in front of the station, TRA specially plans and designs a novel cross station. This project not only preserves the historical building but also applies green energy technics to rebuild the outlook and landscape of the Dounan Station, making the station more diverse and energetic.

As for this construction project, TRA not only enhances the transport facilities or add non-barrier spaces, but also plans more multiuse spaces to increase commercial or cultural activities in the future. These all help to stimulate local prosperity and development, so that this construction project highly attracts local attention and prompts TRA to accomplish this project soon.