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 More Trains Provide Children-Friendly Cars for West-Link Line
 [ Type ] News
 [ Publish Date ] 2018/03/05
 TRA’s children friendly car running on every Sunday for Tze-Chiang Express started joining the service since November 22, 2017. The tickets can be purchased through both windows and on-line ticketing system. The high popularity for this car yields to the ticket selling rate of 90%.

TRA is pleased to announce that more train numbers for children-friendly car are added for West-Link line from March 3, 2018, including train number 123 (Qidu 11:22-Pintung 17:16) and train number 150 (Pintung 17:52-Qidu 23:50). The daily operation for East-Link line include train number 410 (Shulin 07:34- Taitung 12:22) and train number 439 (Taitung 17:07- Shulin22:20). We welcome more families choose children-friendly cars for the railway journey.