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 Shanjia Station Invents Intelligent Barrier-free Toilet Equipped with Voice Reminder and Smoke Sensi
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 [ Publish Date ] 2018/04/12
 A total of 10 public chairs made of wooden sleepers and equipped with chargers are placed at many corners of Shanjia Station. These unique chairs are all embedded with hundred-year-old historical memory. When passengers sit on the chairs to charge cell phones, their minds can also be powered and refreshed by beautiful scenery to start coming pleasant journey.
Another issue that brings Shanjia Station an attention is to prevent smokers from smoking inside the barrier-free toilet. Therefore, the toilet is now installed with smoke sensor system. Once any smokers smoke inside the toilet, the system will immediately announce “This is a smoke-free area. Smokers will be fined from NTD 2,000 to 10,000 based upon Article 31 of Tobacco Hazard Prevention Act,” giving smokers a friendly reminder of not smoking inside the toilet. This creative facility is also praised and accredited by the staff from Health Bureau. They even agree that this way can help the public to less get immersed in the second-hand smoke environment.
Shanjia Station, operated with short-handed staff, discovers that some passengers assume that pressing “Close Button” is required when leaving the barrier-free toilet. However, such incorrect action may cause the toilet to be locked from inside and the next user needs to go to the staff and get a key to unlock the door. In order to resolve this inconvenience, this intelligent barrier-free toilet is equipped with “Space Usage Condition Sensor with Infrared Technology.” When the toilet is locked from the inside, the staff can use an app installed in cell phone or tablet to unlock the toilet with a remote way.
In recent years, the staff of the Shanjia station notices that the elder passengers assume that when they enter the barrier-free toilet, the automatic door closes means the door is locked. However, this improper understanding would let the next passenger to accidentally open the door. Therefore, the staff spent two months developing Taiwan’s first intelligent barrier-free toilet to remind users of not forgetting to press “Red Close Button” with multilingual voice reminder, including Mandarin, Taiwanese, and English.