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 TRA’s Tianzhong Station and Tanaka Station of Shinano Railway Forms Sistership
 [ Type ] News
 [ Publish Date ] 2018/04/12
 Shinano Railway Co., located in Nagano Ueda, mainly manages two lines, one being Shinano Railway Line with the operational distance of 65.1km from Karuizawa Station to Shinonoi Station and the other being Shinano Railway Kita-Shinano Line with the operational distance of 37.3km from Nagano Station to Myoko-Kogen Station. A total of 27 stations are oper-ated along two lines.
Shinano Railway not only serves as a commuter line for the local people but also is identified to be the tourism railway. Several places, including tourism hotspot “Karuizawa,” “Ueda-shi” and “Komoro-shi” which are known for Japanese traditional culture, and hot-springs, can be found along the line. TRA expects more exchanges on railway tourism devel-opment through this friendship can help both railway operators to mu-tually stimulate railway economy.
Tanaka Station, one of Shinano Railway stations, possesses the same name as TRA’s Tianzhong Station. Tanaka Station was established in 1888 and TRA’s Tianzhong Station started joining the service in 1905. Both stations are hundred-year-old historical stations. Therefore, this sistership establishment helps to facilitate the local tourism development. Following the other three station sistership establishments, including JR Matsuyama Station, Kameyama Station of Sanyo Electric Railway, and Sekiyama Station of Echigo Tokimeki Railway Company, TRA’s Tianzhong Station and Tanaka Station of Shinano Railway are the fourth same-name stations.