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 Taipei Station Parking Lot is Upgraded by Integrating with Intelligent Technology and Humanity
 [ Type ] News
 [ Publish Date ] 2018/04/12
 In order to enhance the quality on the parking service at the Taipei Station, the Taipei Station initiated the parking lot reconstruction project for the underground level for the east and west sides and the ground level for the west side since June, 2017 and the whole project was recently completed. As for the ground level, each parking space is equipped by LED floor light to assist the drivers to rapidly find the vacant spaces. In addition, the railway and rolling stock elements are added to make the whole environment of the parking lot look more vigorous and interactive.
  Albot Corporation, TRA’s partner for managing parking lots of Taipei Station, possesses five major elements, including intelligent guidance, out-door presence, artistic landscape, multimedia application, and friendly service, to advance the overall environment. In order to realize the concept of warm service, enhancing user experience and integrating humanity artistry and interactive science into parking spaces are two major focuses on infrastructure upgrade. The whole area is equipped with IVS video cameras, so the system provides the query function assisting drivers to rapidly search out space number and car location. In addition, when the drivers enter car number in the query section of the whole new navigation app, the 3D map will be immediately shown to indicate the exact car location and further to direct the drivers to find cars with the shortest way. Such function makes the Taipei Station more intelligent, friendly and convenient.