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 TRA Jiji Line and Japan Shinano Railway Jointly Introduce One-Day Pass Exchange Program
 [ Type ] News
 [ Publish Date ] 2018/05/06
   TRA’s Tianzhong Station and Tanaka Station of Japan’s Shinano Railway formed a sistership relationship on March 26, 2018 because they share the same name. In order to develop Taiwan-Japan tourism, the two railway operators implement a one-day pass exchange program from May 7, 2018 to March 31, 2019. Taiwanese visitors holding a used Jiji line one-day pass can exchange the pass for a Shinano Railway Banzai 2-day Pass at any designated windows at a Shinano Railway station. Additionally, in order to express its affection for the Hualien district and assist in stimulating Hualien tourism development, Shinano Railway provides an additional value-added plan by offering travelers holding a TRA ticket showing departure from or arrival at the Hualien Station or with Hualien Station stamp the right to exchange the Hualien ticket for a free Shinano Railway Banzai 2-day Pass.
  Any Shinano Railway ticket holder with a Shinano Railway Banzai 2-Day Pass or Karuizawa-Nakano One-Day Pass can exchange the ticket for a complementary One-Day Pass for use on one of TRA's branch lines, including the Pingxi-Shenao line, Neiwan line, or Jiji line. The ticket exchange must occur at the Taipei Main Station, the Hsinchu Station or the Erhshui Station.