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 TRA Increases Number of Trains to Support Parent-Children Carriages from July 27
 [ Type ] News
 [ Publish Date ] 2018/07/11
 Beginning July 27, 2018, the TRA will increase the number of trains from 4 trains to 10 trains on weekdays to support parent-children carriages On weekends, the number of trains will increase to 11 from 4. The future operation of parent-children carriages will be adjusted based upon the progress on carriage renovation The priority of using a parent-children carriage is families with children or pregnant women. Relevant documents, such as mother-to-be handbooks or identification cards proving children’s ages, are required when purchasing tickets for the parent-children carriage. Those passengers, without holding valid tickets for the carriage or with unqualified identities will be charged for additional 50% of the ticket price.

The TRA will enhance the announcement on trains, promotion at stations, and the frequency of identity or valid ticket checks in order to provide quality train service We welcome more families to choose parent-children carriages when traveling