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 Fresh Troops from TRA: EMU800 Commuter Train
 [ Type ] News
 [ Publish Date ] 2013/12/16
 From: Taiwan Railway Administration
Date: 27 August 2013
Contact Person: Director Chan-huang Liu, Department of Rolling Stock
Phone: (02) 2331-1473

Fresh Troops from TRA: EMU800 Commuter Train

The TRA has recently bought a total of 37 sets (296 cars) of EMU800 commuter trains. The first lot of prototype cars (16 cars in 2 sets) made by Nippon Sharyo, Ltd. will be delivered this August 27. After the acceptance tests, these two sets will begin service during the Spring Festival travel season to improve rapid transit capacity and improve the quality of commuter service.

Stainless steel grey is the base tone of EMU800’s body design. Blue and yellow skirting is added to the sides to present a streamline and refreshing feeling and the sense of speed. The yellow lunar pattern at the head emphasizes the smile effect and enhances the sense of momentum and speed to display the concept of convenient transit. The logo on the sides expresses the integration of the train and the bicycle to suggest the bike transportation function of EMU800. In fact, folding seats are designed in cars 1 and 8 to provide space for storing 8 bicycles to meet the recreational needs of citizens.

In addition to the conventional LED information display, four LED panels are added to the aisle of each car to display passenger service information with door indicators and voice announcements to provide passengers with transit information visually and audibly.

Accessible facilities, multipurpose toilets, signs, and coloring are designed based on the universal design concept to enhance universal and safety demands. Seats are ergonomically designed to enhance comfort. The number of priority seats is increased to 25%. In addition, different colors and grips are used for the priority seats to visually distinguish priority seats. Therefore, even when the car is full, passengers can quickly identify priority seats. Rails are equipped on priority seas and floor is anti-slippery to enhance passenger safety.

EMU800 has excellent acceleration and deceleration performances with a maximum speed at 130kh/h. The train is equipped with the regenerative braking system using the EMC device. It is a green braking system to match the green transportation concept of rolling stock.
 Images:  Fresh Troops from TRA: EMU800 Commuter Train Fresh Troops from TRA: EMU800 Commuter Train Fresh Troops from TRA: EMU800 Commuter Train Fresh Troops from TRA: EMU800 Commuter Train
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