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 First Formosa Railroad Bento Festival Features Railway Culture and Cuisine
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 [ Publish Date ] 2015/07/24
 First Formosa Railroad Bento Festival Features
Railway Culture and Cuisine

The First Formosa Railroad Bento Festival organized by the TRA is intending to promote the concept of “Railway Life and Happy Taiwan.” This year a total of 11 railroad lunch box enterprises from both Japan and Taiwan were invited to participate in the event, including JR East Railway, Keikyu Corp, and Seibu Railway, Taiwan High Speech Rail (THSR), etc. This festival aims to not only present the culture and cuisine of bento box to step into the international spotlight but also revive people's memories of eating on a moving train that offered memorable snapshots into their lives.

The purposes of bento boxes surpass mere practicality of feeding stomach. Instead, they are boxes full of love, story and human nature. TRA Director-General, Dr. Chou Yung-hui, said that bento boxes have played a significant role within the Taiwanese culture and we encourage all passengers to not only eat bento boxes on trains but also buy bento boxes on the way home.

People who enjoy Japanese food can try a variety of selections ranging from sukiyaki beef, tuna sashimi to eel rice during the festival. THSR specially introduced rice noodle bento while TRA introduced bento boxes with main course of cherry duck, classic pork chop and bamboo shoots. The most hot selling bento box is the one presented by the JR East Railway. A total of 50 Shinkansen-Bullet-Train shaped bento boxes containing sushi were sold out within 5 minutes.

During the festival, a series of activities were organized to attract public attention. The organizer invited four well-known cuisine specialists to share experience and story about railway bento boxes. The visitors could also sample TRA’s newly-launched creative bread containing the ingredients of TRA’s top-selling pork chop as well as the train-shaped rice balls.