Ticket booking/collection information

Online ticketing

Ticket purchase process
  • Query eligible tickets
  • Choose the train you want to take
  • Instructions for selecting ticket types and payment methods for credit card purchases
  • Complete booking / understanding of ticketing methods

Booking system opening hours

  1. The opening hours of the system: 24 hours, starting at 0:00 daily.
  2. Official opening hours of the online booking system: every day from 0:00 am to 24:00 pm.
  3. Official opening hours of the voice booking system: every day from 0:00 am to 24:00 pm.
  4. Convenience store for ticketing services: 7-11, Family Mart, Hi-Life, OK Mart. The official opening hours of the system: every day from 0:00 am to 24:00 pm.

Number of tickets available

  1. Each person (ID card number) can book up to 6 tickets per passenger day.
  2. Book tickets at the same time as a round-trip ticket. You can book up to 12 tickets at a time (6 for each return trip). With double-trip and three-trip appointments, each person (identification number) can only book up to 6 tickets per ride day.
  3. The booking system of this Administration provides the number of tickets for the reservation and selects the ticket type at the same time. If you need to change the ticket type, you can inform the ticket seller or online payment at the time of ticket collection, and re-select it directly when picking up the ticket at the convenience store.

Date that can be booked

  1. Booking on the day of the trip: On the day of the trip, you can book a ticket for more than one hour before the departure.
  2. Booking on different day of trip: Two weeks (fourteen days before the trip) can be booked. That is, you can book tickets for the third Monday from now, and you can book more tickets for two days to the third Sunday on Fridays. (ie, every Friday, you can book to the third Friday, Saturday, Sunday ticket).

Input of identity card numbers

  1. If you enter the ID card number in the Chinese version of the booking website, the code logic of the ID card number will be checked. You can only enter the National Identification Number of the Republic of China. For those who do not have an ID card, such as overseas Chinese and foreigners, please enter your passport number on the booking page.
  2. Enter the online booking ID card number, please type the English letters directly. Use the phone voice booking ID card input, please convert the English letters into numbers, if it is A, enter 01, if it is B, enter 02..., and so on.
  3. It is a violation of the law to use someone else's identity card to book a ticket. Once it is found, it will be immediately transferred to the police unit for investigation.
  4. In order to maintain the fairness of the booking and the passenger's rights and interests, when booking the ticket at the station window, please bring the original copy of the ticket holder's identity document for the personnel of this Administration to check.


  1. From August 15, 2014, if a passenger has three records of non-collection within 3 months, the suspension will be granted for 6 months. We hope that passengers will pay and collect for the ticket after the booking is made, or cancel it within the time limit, so as not to affect the subsequent ticket holders' rights.

Payment and ticket collection period

  1. Within 2 days from the date of booking (including the booking date) , you must complete the ticket collection or complete the payment at the payment website. If the booking is made within 2 days from the date of departure, the ticket must be completed at 24:00 on the day before the date of the trip or at the payment website.
  2. If you book your ticket on the day of your trip, you must complete the payment and collect the ticket 30 minutes before the departure.

Collect location, ticket collection time, handling fee after booking

Instruction form after booking
collect location ticketing time service fee
Each computer ticketing of Railway Administration Business hours of each station None
Remarks: Songshan, Taipei, Banqiao, Taoyuan, Zhongli, Hsinchu, Zhunan, Miaoli, Fengyuan, Taichung, Changhua, Yuanlin, Douliu, Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Hualien, Taitung and other 18 stations. Each of the above stations is equipped with a ticket vending machine at all levels of Express Trains, which can accept passengers by cash or credit card payment. (If the number of tickets for the return ticket is different, please still ask the passenger to pick up the ticket at the ticket window)
7-11, Family Mart, Hi-Life, OK Mart 00:00 ~ 24:00 NT$ 8 / piece
(round-trip ticket is considered as two)
Computer connection post office (save and remittance window) across the country According to the post office business hours

New booking date and webpage update

  1. The booking system webpage will update the new booking date every day (23:00). When the "new booking date", "screen data is not updated" or "webpage cannot be displayed (such as NOT FOUND)", please confirm and operate the following items:
    1. Please do not store the booking page and make sure that it is a new browsing every time you browse the "Taiwan Railway Network Booking Website".
      1. Reload the booking page by moving the mouse pointer to the booking page and following the browser type:
        1. IE:Right click → "Reload.
        2. FireFox:Right click → "this page" → "reload page".
        3. Chrome:Right click → "Reload page".
      2. Temporary Internet Files,Delete Temporary Internet Files. The deletion method is as follows depending on the type of browser:
        1. IE: In the top of the browser, "Delete" in "Tools" → "Internet Options" -> "General", select all options and press "Delete".
        2. FireFox: In the top of the browser, "Tools" → "Clear Recent History", check all options and press "Delete Now".
        3. Chrome: In the "Tools" → "Clear browsing data" on the top of the browser, check all the options and click "Clear browsing data".
      3. Pressing the "X" at the top right of the browser, closing and reopening the URL will usually work.
    2. Do not activate the proxy server function.

      Do not check the proxy server in the "Tools" → "Internet Options" → "Connections" → "Local Area Settings" at the top of the browser

    3. If your ISP has the Transparency Proxy function enabled, please make sure that you are browsing all the time when you visit the "Traveler Integrated Service Network" of Taiwan Railway.

      Please contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to confirm.

    4. If you have not been able to complete the booking process after confirming the above requirements, please contact customer service staff (telephone 0800-765-888).
  2. to the large number of current web browsers and different function settings, it is recommended to use the latest browsers of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge for the convenience of passengers.
Multi-way ticket
  1. For online booking of round-trip tickets or double (three) itinerary tickets, the system will be considered as two (three) one-way ticket reservations, so there are two (three) booking codes.
Verification code
  1. In order to maintain the rights of the people to use the booking system and prevent the illegal ticketing program from affecting the system operation, the Administration uses the "random number code" verification mechanism or the Google reCAPTCHA authentication mechanism in the online booking screen. The telephone voice booking system has also been added to the "Verification Digital Code" 1 code prevention program booking mechanism.
  2. If you use the Internet to book a ticket, the "random number verification failed" situation occurs. The possible reasons are as follows:
    1. Reason 1: The verification code is entered incorrectly. Please re-enter the random number.
    2. Reason 2: It may be that the number of communication lines that you use in the network environment of the company (institutions, schools, etc.) is two or more. In this case, please contact your network administrator and change the setting to "Link a website with a fixed single line". Or you can use the telephone voice booking to avoid the above error situation.

Ticket collecting matters

  1. After booking, please write down the booking code and hold the original ticket holder's identity certificate (the overseas Chinese and foreigners are required to hold a passport) to the various computer ticketing stations of the Administration or the computerized post offices and convenience stores across the country. If you fail to collect the ticket 3 times within 3 months, you will be stopped from accepting the booking for 6 months. After the suspension of the right, the booking function will be recalculated and the number of overdue will be recalculated. The booking code is to protect and confirm your rights, please remember. If you have forgotten your booking code, you can check it on the "Personal Booking Record Inquiry" page of the booking website.
  2. The Internet Booking System has integrated a telephone voice booking system that allows you to use the Internet to book and check or cancel in the voice system and vice versa.

Seat allocation

  1. Seats in the same compartment are preferentially placed adjacent. If the ordering time of the booking is in the first place, the adjacent seats are prioritized for the passengers to sit. However, due to the different number of passengers booking, if the adjacent seats have been booked by other passengers, only the scattered seats of each compartment will be left. Due to the consideration that the seats should be fully utilized and the scattered seats will still be available for sale, it may happen that the passengers book two tickets at the same time but disperse the different compartments.
  2. Due to the frequent refund or partial refund of the ticket after the passenger purchases the ticket, the original seat will be scattered. Based on the fact that the seat is not left idle, the booking system will still accept the passenger's reservation if there is a seat that can satisfy the number of passengers booked. The seat number of the ticket is displayed on the booking success screen.
  3. In order to avoid the preference of passengers for a particular seat type (such as by the window), the seat is more fragmented, which is not conducive to the arrangement of adjacent seats when multiple people book tickets. And open selection, after the actual measurement will reduce the efficiency of the booking system and increase the processing time of booking. Therefore, it is not currently considered to provide passengers with the ability to select seats when booking tickets. After consulting other transport peers (Taiwan High Speed Rail), due to the principle of fairness, passengers were not opened to choose seats when booking.
The content of the revision of the railway law
  1. On November 9, 2016, Railway Law was practiced and enforced, adding penalties to railway scalped tickets.
  2. If you purchase a ticket for a price increase or exchange for an unprofitable profit, you will be fined five to thirty times the price of each ticket according to the number of tickets. The same is true for the increase in the price of the ticket or the ticket voucher.
  3. If you purchase the ticket, obtain the ticket or collect the ticket by inputting the false information or the incorrect instruction into the computer or related equipment by improper means, you shall be sentenced to a fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years or a fine of NT$3 million or less.
  4. Ask the public not to break the law. If you find that there are people who are trying to increase the fare to sell the ticket, please call the check-in line immediately: 0800-765-888.