Last update time: 2019-01-07

About TRA
2017 was the 130th anniversary of TRA. We celebrated it by holding a series of activities to sharing this joy with everybody.From objective with of all perspectives, TRA is both traditional and modern, with long history and is the only island-wide railway. Being an important link of public transportation, TRA persisting the core value of “safety, punctuality, service and innovation”, undertakes the mission of providing complete public transporation services.This is a responsibility of our commitment and more of an outstanding mission.

TRA has fully potential to stabilize operational efficiency and quality, sustainably promote “Train Operation Safety Improvement 6-Year Plan”, manage grade-separated railroad crossing , dangerous sections and bridges remodeling and reinforcing, stair free railway carriage, shape a safe and reliable operation quality. Meanwhile, to cooperate with "Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program -Railway Construction of Executive Yuan, TRA has completed the “Crossover Construction between Chidu and Badu”, reliefing the traffic jam between Shulin and Chidu as well as enhancing the operation efficiency of east and west lines which had established good foundation for planning future railway system. In order to improve operational performance, TRA focuses on the development of subsidiary enterprises, actively promoting the Songshan Station BOT project, such as assets vitalization plans. In addition to providing convenient transporting system, the multi-functional station space is also achieved, which has successfully set an example for station service quality enhancement, reducing government financial burden and establishing railway life network. In addition, TRA was honored by the 15th Golden Thumb Awards of MOF in 2017.

To conserve railway culture in Taiwan, TRA engages in cultural assets conservation, railway culture assets revitalization. Besides signing an MoU of "Taipei Workshop Railway Museum" between Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Transportation and Communication, TRA also actively cooperates with local governments to construct cultural assets (monuments, historical buildings and old houses) as the art exhibition venues or new landmark of art to carry out corporate social responsibilities. Meanwhile, not only to maintain historical railway traces, TRA also pursues innovation aggressively and has developed “50kg-N#12 DSS point rail” to and successfully decreased the procurement costs significantly and enhanced the railway technology. There are also smart toilets, AI breast feeding rooms, Indonesian or Vietnamese guidance at major stations continuously providing more comprehensive and higher quality services to the public. Being able to connect to the world, broad our vision and be innovated are the keys to be competitive to this global world.

On July 4th in 2017, TRA and Kintetsu Worldwide Express from Japan signed a Railway Friendship Agreement for in depth interchange and cooperation of overall business. Furthermore, to celebrate the 130th year of TRA, we celebrated Taiwan Railways Anniversary and 3rd Formosa Railroad Bento Festival, we invited many famous international railroad companies to participate with us to striving for marketing promotion and deepening international reputation. Through multi-party interactions, the railroad travel in Taiwan could be enhanced efficiently to create mutual tourism income and economic development.

At this critical moment of heading toward the 130th anniversary, TRA is also situated in the turnpoint of development. In the future, TRA will head to the goal of 30% or more income coming from subsidiary enterprises, providing travelers and local people with diverse services combining with culture and art as well as stabilizing professional transportation business, reinforce basic service facilities. As we are facing the railway market challenges in the future, TRA will be fully prepared to develop railroad businesses with full strength and cultivate a trustworthy "touching quality" brand of TRA.